ISLAMABAD-The local police on Friday impounded dozens of motorcycles and also arrested over 80 people for violating Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) and a ban on pillionriding in the capital.

According to a spokesperson for Islamabad police, they have arrested 80 people for the violation of ban imposed in the city as part of the government’s efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19. The arrested persons were taken to different police stations. The police impounded around 40 bikes from different parts of the city. The district administration has imposed section 144 of the CrPC to maintain social distancing in wake of spread of Coronavirus in the city.

Furthermore, according to the police officials, guests from Kyrgyzstan Tableeghi Jamaat who were quarantined at Bhara Kahu have been handed over to Kyrgyzstan embassy after they tested negative for COVID-19.

These people were quarantined after the authorities received reports of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the area. As a gesture of goodwill, Bhara Kahu Police and members of district administration presented sweets to the members of the tableeghi jamaat.