KARACHI             -             Alkhidmat Karachi distributed ration bags to residents of Christian community in Essa Nagri and sprayed 31 churches including dense populated area.

Karachi Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman who was present on the occasion exchanged views with pastors and representatives of community.

Talking to local journalists he said despite announcing relief to needy, centre and Sindh government administration was not visible anywhere.

He raised question on Ahsaas programme and Tiger Force constituted by centre for relief purposes and he also said, “Prime Minister is busy in Tiger Force political game and on other hand masses are seen anxious on their future.”

On issue of retrenching factories workforce, he appealed owners to desist from such action and restore services of expelled workers.

During lockdown on coronavirus, every segment of society has been affected including our minority population.

JI and Alkhidmat are working day and night to provide relief to needy and we also visited masjids and temples to provide relief, he added.

On the occasion, Pastor, Cornail Allah Ditta thanking JI and Alkidmat for such gesture of relief to poor and minorities prayed for early respite from widespread ailment.

Pastor Rifaqat and Pastor Sajjad urged upon need to fight with virus jointly and their community was also shouldering administration to combat this health menace.