ISLAMABAD                -           Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) senior leader Jahangir Khan Tareen Friday ques­tioned the criteria behind the selection for audit of only nine sugar mills out of large sugar industry by a high-powered inquiry commission investigating sud­den increase in sugar prices.

Tareen, former secretary general of the ruling party and once a close aide to Prime Minister Imran Khan through a Twitter post questioned the criteria used to select nine mills for the forensic audit after he found that most of his mills have been chosen for the probe.

“Does the commission believe that by doing a forensic audit of 9 sugar mills only, they can get a complete picture of the total sugar industry of Pakistan, which has 80 sugar mills?” he questioned.

The senior politician in under fire after the report of an Inquiry Committee has accused him for gaining much during the sugar crisis in the country.

The ruling party last week had made public the report of the committee on in­crease in sugar prices in the country which named leading political figures including Tareen as one of the major beneficiaries of the “unjust” sugar export policy of the government.“I have no objection whatso­ever over the forensic audit of my mills, as I’ve nothing to hide,” the business tycoon said in another consecutive Tweet adding that the pertinent point of selection needs to be answered by the “Sugar Inquiry Com­mission, or whoever took this decision.”

An Inquiry Commission head by Director General of the Federal Investigation Agen­cy (FIA) Wajid Zia is conducting a forensic audit of some sugar mills in the light of the final report of Inquiry Committee that was earlier submitted to the Prime Minister Of­fice. PM Khan had formed the committee to probe reasons behind sudden and unnec­essary increase in sugar prices in the coun­try, last year, despite Pakistan was surplus in the daily commodity.

The Tweet of Tareen came amid some media reports that the Inquiry Commis­sion has sought the details of bank ac­counts of around 200 people who were involved in the sugar business and were playing a key role in the hike of prices. The investigators have yet to ascertain the role of these people whether they were genuinely involved in the business or their identities were being used by some powerful businessmen to get maxi­mum gains from the sugar exports and increase in local prices of the product .

Earlier this week, senior politician had accused the Principal Secretary to PM Azam Khan, a senior bureaucrat, for play­ing his role in bringing the report of FIA’s Inquiry Committee against him.“Azam Khan is continuously harming PM Imran Khan,” he had said.

He had declared that the report of FIA was political in nature and termed it as an attack on him.On the other hand, PM Imran Khan has vowed to take a strict ac­tion against those who benefited from the sugar crisis after the commission would give its final report.“I await the detailed forensic reports now by the high-powered commis­sion, which will come out on 25 April, before taking action. InshaAllah, after these reports come out no powerful lobby will be able to profiteer at the expense of our public,” the PM said in a statement last weekend.

Tareen has said that he would chal­lenge the sugar report in the court of law.

The government through a cabinet deci­sion had expanded the scope of the Inquiry Committee to an Inquiry Commission by conferring powers given under the Paki­stan Commissions of Inquiry Act 2017.