KANDAHAR  - A roadside bomb apparently intended for Afghan soldiers blew up a vehicle carrying labourers headed to grape fields in southern Afghanistan Sunday, killing five men, police said. The blast took place in Zhari, in Kandahar province, where a Canadian soldier was killed in an attack announced Saturday. "This morning some people were going to the grape fields when the bomb exploded on their vehicle. Five people died and three were wounded," Zhari district police chief Bismullah Khan told AFP. The bomb had been planted about 200 metres from a small Afghan army base, he said, accusing Taliban insurgents of laying the device. In other violence, 11 people believed to be civilians were killed in air raids by international forces in Kapisa province, north of Kabul, the Interior Ministry said. The dead included a woman, Ministry spokesman Zemarai Bashary told AFP. "The reports we received from the police chief of Kapisa show that 11 civilians have been killed. One of the dead was a woman," Bashary said, adding "right now we working to find out what exactly happened." A Nato spokesman denied the force had killed civilians but said, "we're still investigating the incident." The Defence Ministry said only rebels were killed in the raids. The Canadian soldier killed in Zhari became the 154th international troop to die in Afghanistan this year, most of them losing their lives in militant attacks. Other soldiers in the nearly 40-nation International Security Assistance Force were wounded in ambushes Saturday in the province of Kapisa, ISAF told AFP without giving details. Two insurgents were killed in return fire, an ISAF press officer told AFP. The Afghan Interior Ministry said four insurgents were killed while the defence ministry said 10 were dead or wounded. Neither ISAF nor the government could confirm Afghan media reports that civilians also died. A team had gone to the area, about 50km from Kabul, to investigate, Interior Ministry spokesman Zemarai Bashary said.