ISLAMABAD  - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has initiated a three-year project 'Green and Clean Islamabad' to reduce pollution and dispel bad impression cast by chopping of trees during construction projects. Member Environment Mazhar Hussain said Sunday that the Authority has started the plantation of saplings across the city and under the project, about 0.6 million saplings would be planted. "Under the project, the number of trees in the city would be doubled and conduct beautiful landscaping of different open places," he said. He said in first phase, the Authority would work on the plantation and renovation of sanitation system of the Capital. He said the decades-old sewerage and sanitation system of the city is unable to meet with the needs of the growing population. He said the Authority has also started publishing material for public awareness on environmental issues and guide people about the measures they should take for their deliverance from pollution. When asked, Member Environment said the Authority is solely executing the project without having any collaboration with the environment ministry and civil society. He said any estimate regarding the total cost of the project would be immature, adding that the Authority would allocate the amount for the projects one by one. The Authority has already displayed more than 3,000 banners and steamers across the city describing different messages including "Go Green". "He who plants a tree, plants a hope", "Plant more trees as they are Drop of Life" and "Forest for Water, Water for Life". Moreover, the Authority would also observe a tree-plantation-week from August 11 to 18 that would be participated by the civil society organizations, schoolchildren traders and Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry. "A comprehensive plan for tree plantation in Simly Dam catchment area, Margalla Hills National Park and Saidpur Village has been drafted," Mazhar Hussain said.  Moreover, he said the Authority would inculcate in the CDA-by-laws under which the landscaping of residential building would be imperative.