Pakistan since its independence in 1947 has been a political laboratory where number of experiments were conducted and almost all damaged the country one way or the other or in a big and small measures. Take the martial law of 1958 that went up to 1968. This ten years era gave birth to the idea of law of necessity which again resulted in the dismissal of an elected government in 1977. General Zia invented the sword of 58 -2 (b) and used it for packing up his own elected government of Muhammad Khan Junejo. The current coalition considered as strange bedfellows has added to the long list of experimental by initiating impeachment proceedings against Musharraf. The politicians in haste have released the trouble-making genie from the bottle by initiating the impeachment of Pervez Musharraf. However, they have little knowledge that the genie that had remained in the bottle for 60 years would behave the manner they want when asked to deliver. TV talk shows, newspaper columns and common man rich or poor all are breathing, teething and dreaming impeachment against President Pervez Musharraf. Like an infectious disease, the impeachment saga has affected mentally healthy and politically retarded politicians and anti Musharraf camp. The pro Musharraf lobbies and his friends, caught in a tight corner, are trying to fight their way out doubting the opponents' claim of mustering the required number to oust Pervez Musharraf, while the lobby opposing the move is reminding the sword of 58 2 (b) hanging over the present political dispensation. The for and against arguments on impeachment has pushed all other issues like law and order, limited insurgency in Waziristan, back breaking price hike and the suffocating increases in petroleum products , either have been put on the back burner or forgotten. The lawyers' community feeling let down is at the moment least interested in the impeachment and they want quick restoration of the judiciary. There are voices from the lawyers' camp that both Mian Sahib and Zardari have once against delayed the restoration of judges to serve their personal political interest or satisfied their inflated egos. The man who only six months back would not have dreamt even giving a telephone call to Pervez Musharraf was taking his name during the press conference jointly addressed by him and Mian Nawaz Sharif. Zardari may have won the heart of those who bother little about personal etiquette and respect but majority that witnessed the press conference were mused by tone and tenure of the Co-chairperson of PPP who is in Pakistan only because of NRO chiseled by Pervez Musharraf. The decision of impeachment was taken after 72-hour hectic political activity and to and fro diplomacy between Zardari House and Sharif house. It seems that the politicians have taken a hasty decision without discussing the fall out of the move, which could either boomerang to destroy the political carrier of the two un-elected leaders or once again derail the democratic process. They have forgotten that in desperate time desperate measures are needed. Impeachment move could be described as a desperate move because the government wanted to divert the attention of public after failing to deliver the basic demands of the public. They forgot that the individual under attack could also be desperate and he could also retaliate through a desperate measure. The politicians should realise that they are not living a vacuum. In a super politically hyper Pakistani society where the establishment is the chief decision -maker, the politician has to cautiously tread a very thin path. Any false step could lead the society into turmoil. Oct 12, 1999 is one of the date when a prime minister with a bloated ego and muscles committed the grave mistake and had to suffer for nine years. Almost a similar situation exist now and those who would be affected are the persons of the establishment which works ruthlessly without mercy and would do what will profit their own agenda than those of the politician.   There is lot of difference between talking about impeachment or putting into place the events that would finally culminate into the ouster of Pervez Musharraf. As the saying goes that there many a slips between the cup and the lips and in the present scenario the slip could be a lifetime if not implemented immediately. There is misperception among the present day politicians that president Musharraf would not fire a loaded 58- 2(b) gun when under attack. Being the supreme commander of the armed forces and a commando, Musharraf can use the ultimate option without any consultation. Once announced the armed forces had to follow the orders and if they are reluctant to do so, they could intervene. Disobeying the orders of the president would be catastrophic.  Musharraf is in a win- win situation if he uses 58- 2 (b) it will be a great disaster for political leadership which had showed political immaturity on many occasion only to suffer for a long time. And if the establishment refuses to follow the path the country would sink in total anarchy which could only be controlled by a martial law. The country would be back to square one.