The people of Mauretania are as fortunate as the people of Pakistan are unfortunate. While the Mauretanian Army has proved that it is fully alive to the challenges faced by the Mauretanian nation, and have thus carried out a coup against the no-account civilian government which tried to interfere with various transfers and postings, the Pakistani people, through their largest parties, have shown how unworthy they are of the boons of military rule, by the announcement of their intention to impeach the President, who is not merely a former military officer who opted for retirement, but a former COAS. You just wait and see, the people of Mauretania will not only weather the crisis, but you will see them prosper in this time of crisis, and not only will they bathe in free petrol, but they will throw away free food, and to Pakistanis, who will not enjoy even the shadow of military rule any longer. The new leader of Mauretania will be tight with the USA in the War On Terror, while Pakistan no longer remains crucial, and thus liable to have the supply of dollars dry up, dollars which will now go to Mauretania. If only the Mauretanian nation knew how lucky it is, because if ever a Mauretanian ever went into a foreign bank, now is his chance to make a comeback as his country's Finance Minister, to the infinite good fortune of the Mauretanian people, and this luminary will later become Prime Minister. To the greater glory of Mauretania, and resulting in the avoidance of the oil crisis and the shortage of food. But probably more important, Mauretanians are going to get their traffic reformed, which would be no small boon for the beleaguered people of Nouakchott, the capital, the largest city, the sole port and the financial capital, not to mention Kabedi, the capital of Gorgol province and of Selibaby, capital of Guidimaka province. Actually, Mauretania has had two elections since Independence from France in 1960, and both times a civilian was elected. The first was removed by a military coup, and since then there were two coups, one of which was succeeded by two elections, which were Islamic and true, which led to the military ruler first being elected, and then re-elected. There was another coup leading to elections, which resulted in the election of the present incumbent but one, who has been replaced by a military man. The Mauretanian nation, like so many African countries, has shown the brotherly Islamic country of Pakistan the way out. Another military coup. Nobody has yet thought of that way out of the current crisis, which has been caused by those who had committed themselves to preserving the President from embarrassment. Perhaps the PPP will still see the light, and realize that the PML-N's attempt to restore the judges without causing the President embarrassment means impeaching the President is proof that the PML-N is a foreign hand, and thus  also behind the blasts. Who is 'foreign' as in 'hand' these days?  The Americans and Indians are our friends, President Musharraf has found out. So those old favourites, are now out, so that leaves the Afghans, one supposes. And the PML-N is thus elected, to the status of 'foreign hand', busy in conspiracies to destroy Pakistan and cause its exports to fall as well. Nobody has thought how fortunate Mauretania is, because nobody noticed how fortunate Pakistan has been over the years, stretching back to 1959, when French African colonies were still not independent, and still not able to set a positive example. The moment of glory for military rule in Pakistan came in 1971, which we should not forget at the time we approach the 61st anniversary of our Independence, prepared to show the world our ingratitude. Has anyone calculated the great harm that the impeachment will create to our image abroad? And the effect it will have on foreign investment? All of that money will now go to Mauretania, instead of flowing to Pakistan. Because of the War on Terror. So instead of impeaching the President, some way should be found of putting him back in uniform. Not thus must he be deprived of a job which carries not just an official residence, but also official vehicles. In fact, he must not be deprived of the job, but he must be saved any embarrassment. Perhaps some poor African country has need of a President with a military background? Mauretania has found one, but not all are that fortunate. And Pakistan could use the foreign exchange thus earned. Sab say pehlay Pakistan, remember?