ISLAMABAD - Beleaguered President Pervez Musharraf is understood to use Article 58-2 (b) of the Constitution as a last option to sink the coalition boat, if his other plans to keep the 'Presidency' failed. Well-placed sources told TheNation on Sunday that President Musharraf has categorically conveyed to his political as well as legal aides that he would neither step down nor flee from the country but would firmly defend himself against the impeachment move. Informed sources said that other plans President Musharraf was simultaneously working on were diplomatic pressures by the major foreign powers, withdrawal of National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) as well as failing the coalition government to have the required number of votes to crown the impeachment motion with success. President Musharraf, who had been holding series of consultations with political as well as legal aides since August 7, had told them that he would not resign in any circumstances. Sources privy to the developments say that President Musharraf would choose counter-action once he gets the clues of seven-point charge sheet framed against him by the coalition government. According to the informed sources, President Musharraf was waiting eagerly for the charge sheet, as he would exploit to his full advantage to secure support of the western major powers if the coalition government charged him for his actions against terrorism and extremism.      However, at present he has been successful in mobilizing his political arms including the PML-Q and MQM to counter the impeachment motion in the parliament by the government. Both the political forces are struggling hard to foil the government efforts for wooing opposition members. However, the PML-Q has already started bleeding with several members who have already contacted and given their words to the treasury benches to support motion against President Musharraf. Some PPP and PML-N sources are pointing their fingers at some lackeys of the President Musharraf, including the PML-Q central leaders in advising him to dissolve the elected assemblies by using the Article 58-2 (b). The government sources blamed the PML-Q leaders for offering huge amount of money to the party MNAs and Senators to keep the parliamentary party united in fighting the impeachment motion.   Another plan that sources said the President was working on is to seek the support of the western powers to put pressure on the PPP-led coalition government to honour commitments made under the NRO and withdraw the impeachment motion. Sources further said that under this initiative some Arab rulers are also in contact with the President. It was learnt that President Musharraf would withdraw the NRO in case the plan fails to achieve the objective.