ISLAMABAD - The National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) has forwarded a summery to the Prime Minister, Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani for releasing funds to the sacked Commission for running its operations across the country. The text of summery revealed that the Human Resource and the investment might be wasted and again five years investment would be required if another parallel system has been established. "The Commission further requested to prime minister to save its thousands poor employees from unemployment," Chief Finance Officer (CFO) NCHD Zulfiqar Ahmad told TheNation. He said that earlier the Commission was directed to issue one-month advance notices of separation from services to all its employees with effect of August 1, 2008, which had been served on all staff members. He said, "There is unrest among the sacked employees of NCHD and now they are protesting and demanding security of their jobs but it is only possible if PM do some attention to this serious matter, as future of some 80,000 employees at stake". He said that a PC-1 of Rs 2.7 billion had been submitted to the government through Cabinet Division, which is responsible for NCHD's operation across the country. "But later, the Commission has been asked to reduce its expanses, as there is lack of funds in national exchequer and then PC-1 amounting Rs 1.5 billion had been to the government to meet its expanses," he added. However, he described that no funds had so far been issued to the Commission. "I am very optimistic about the government's decision and especially PM's response in this crucial stage," he said, adding if government had released the required funds than we would take back the termination letters from all the sacked employees. He said that NCHD was the best example of Public-Private Partnership, as government, community and corporate sector were funding it to run its operations across the country. He claimed that NCHD had collected Rs 1.609 billion from worldwide sources for its programmes as part of its Global Resource Mobilisation drive. "The main international donors of the Commission are UNDP, UNICEF, USAID, UNESCO, Bill Gates Foundation, OFID as well as other international agencies, but due to government's decision of funds' stoppage, now these agencies are also showing reluctance to issue funds to the Commission," he added. He informed, "It is important to mention here that against the approved allocation of Rs 2.3 billion for fiscal year 2007-08, the federal government has provided an amount of Rs 1 billion only in November 2007 while the remaining amount of Rs 1.3 billion is due in January 2008. "This amount is not granted so far to the Commission and instead asked it to reduce budget's requirements," he added. However, he said against a reduced requirement of Rs 874 million, grant of only Rs 472 million was provided to clear off the liabilities until June 2008. NCHD after fulfilling all its liabilities would be left with Rs 4 million only at the end of August 2008, bringing NCHD operations to complete decline. "On the instruction of government, the NCHD has reduced its literacy centres from 50,000 to 25,000 but remaining amount of Rs 402 million is still not released, which is immediately needed to operate the system of the Commission," he stressed. He mentioned that in a meeting of NCHD managers it was unanimously decided that government would be approached again for provision of required funds. He said that the meeting also considered the issue of security and preservation of NCHD assets costing Rs 543 million in 122 locations of the country. "It has been observed with concern that if funds beyond September were not provided to the Commission, then it will not be in a position to retain the rental accommodation and services of the necessary staff to take care of its assets," CFO revealed.