BAGHDAD  - A spate of bomb attacks across Iraq on Sunday targeting a bank, a town hall and a string of military patrols killed at least nine people and wounded more than 50, security and hospital officials said. Four military patrols came under attack in succession in Baghdad, they said. In Khilani, in the centre of the embattled Iraqi capital, a car bomb exploded as a military patrol escorting a Finance Ministry convoy passed by, killing an Iraqi soldier and two civilians, a security official said. At least nine people were injured in the attack, among them four soldiers. At Maidan, on the southern outskirts of Baghdad, an Iraqi soldier was killed and five others injured when their patrol was hit by car bomb, the official said. In Kadhamiyah in northwestern Baghdad, a roadside bomb that exploded as a joint Iraqi-US military patrol passed by wounded three soldiers, the official said, without providing their nationalities. The US military did not immediately confirm the attack. In another incident, two soldiers and two civilians were injured in a bomb attack on an Iraqi military patrol in Zayune in eastern Baghdad, the official said. At Hay al Amal in southwestern Baghdad, two Iraqi guards and two civilians were injured in a roadside bomb attack targeting a private security company, officials said. Also in the capital, a powerful bomb exploded outside a crowded bank, killing 2 people and wounding at least 10, police and hospital officials said. At Khanakine, three civilians were killed and 20 wounded when a roadside bomb exploded outside the town hall, a military commander said. Meanwhile, a security official said three projectiles hit on Sunday the highly-fortified Green Zone, seat of the Iraqi government and foreign embassies. He was not able to say whether there were any casualties. Local US commanders say rocket and mortar fire usually originates from Sadr City, bastion of the Mahdi Army militia of radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr in eastern Baghdad. They blame Iranian-trained and supplied Shiite militiamen for the attacks.