KARACHI - Pasban Karachi on Sunday staged a rally for the release of Dr Aafia, who has been detained by the US agencies for more than five years. The rally after passing through different roads reached at Karachi Press Club (KPC). The participants of the rally were carrying the portraits Dr Aafia besides banners and placards inscribed with slogan for her release. Addressing the protesters at KPC, President Pasban Pakistan Altaf Shakoor criticised the government for not raising a strong voice against the illegal detention of innocent Dr Aafia, adding that the silence of the Prime Minister over this issue during his visit to the US was a disgrace for the whole nation. Altaf Shakoor further said that if Dr Aafia were guilty she should have tried in any court of law in Pakistan. He demanded of President Musharraf and the parliament to resign over this issue, adding that the democracy could only be beneficial for the masses if there was an independent judiciary, rule of law and strong institutions. He also said that in order to eliminate injustice the youth of the Ummah should follow the traditions of Muhammad Bin Qasim (RA). He also criticised rulers for handing over the innocent people to the US against dollars. General Secretary Usman Moazzam, Pasban Karachi President Syed Ashraf Hussain and other leaders including Abdul Hakim, Sardar Zulfiqar, Naeem Shaikh and others also addressed the participants of the rally.