LAHORE -The Punjab PPP has constituted a 23-member committee, headed by Senior Minister Raja Riaz, to build up public pressure on President Musharraf with the objective of forcing him to resign rather than impeachment", Senior Minister Raja Riaz told reporters while addressing a news conference at his official residence here on Sunday. Raja Riaz further told reporters that the said committee would comprise PPP's provincial ministers and party leaders, and had been tasked with special advertisement campaign in the province. In this connection, he added, the committee members would ensure display of anti-Musharraf banners and posters on streets to mobilise public opinion against Musharraf. The PPP leader said that his party wanted him (Musharraf) to resign rather than facing the impeachment motion. He said PPP was ready to give Pervez Musharraf a safe exit. Raja said it was better for Musharraf to resign, because if he (President) chose to face the charges, he would have to face cases after impeachment. He said the charge-sheet against Musharraf would soon be brought before masses and media. He said that PML-Q would not defend the impeachment motion and was likely to boycott the assembly session today on Monday. PPP leader re-arrested soon after release Model Town police re-arrested PPP leader and People's Youth Punjab's Vice President Babar Sohail Butt soon after his release from Central Jail Kot Lakhpat here on Sunday. Sohail Butt was arrested on account of his political activities and was kept in the jail for 45 days. On his release, People's Youth President Mian Ayub, PPP's Political Advisor Irfan Khokhar, other office-bearers and a large number of party workers warmly received him outside the jail. Meanwhile, Model Town SP (Investigation) Rai Ijaz along with a heavy contingent of police re-arrested the PPP leader in a fraud case lodged by previous Q-League government under Article 420 of the CrPC. The police took Babar Sohail to the town's investigation cell, said Irfan Khokhar.