ISLAMABAD  - The holy month of Ramazan-ul-Mubarak is likely to commence from Tuesday September 2, 2008, Pakistan Meteorological Department says on the basis of its astronomical calculations. According to ARY One World, the probability of sighting the new moon of Ramazan-ul-Mubbark, 1429, Hijri is expected in the evening of 1st September 2008 throughout the country. Therefore, the holy month of Ramazan-ul-Mubbarak would commence from September 02, on Tuesday, subject to confirmation by the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee. Age of the new moon should be more than thirty -one  hours at the time of twilight for sighting the moon of Ramazan, whereas off course, it is more than 42 hours in most parts of the country. Minimum duration for the new moon after sunset should be more than 41 minutes whereas at this occasion, it is certainly more than 45 minutes almost all over the country. The position of new moon and its angles at the time of moonset also meets the requirements. As such conditions for the sighting the new moon of Ramzan-ul-Mubbarak on September 1st, 2008, are completely consonant with the prescribed criteria. Therefore, Inshallah 1st day of fasting would start from September 2, 2008 on Tuesday.