ISLAMABAD - A stormy session of National Assembly will be held here today (Monday) at 5:00pm under the chair of Speaker Fehmida Mirza and most likely the impeachment resolution would be tabled before the House on the opening day. President Pervez Musharraf had signed the summary of National Assembly session and called it on Monday (August 11). Izhar Amrohi, Advisor on Parliamentary Affairs, said that this would be a regular session and would continue for 10 days. He said it was expected that the impeachment motion would not be tabled during this session and Speaker Fehmida Mirza would summon a joint sitting of the Parliament when the motion was submitted. He said that so far no decision was made to bring a resolution with respect to President's vote of confidence and after the provincial assemblies' adoption of the resolution in the next few days, the ruling coalition would decide to table a similar resolution in the National Assembly or not. Prior to the session, a joint parliamentary parties meeting of the ruling coalition would be held at the Parliament and the strategy to go for the impeachment exercise against the President would be finalised. The members of the ruling coalition would also sign the requisition for summoning the joint sitting of the Parliament, which requires the signatures of half of the members of the either Houses, Senate or National Assembly. In this case, the ruling coalition would file the requisition with signatures well over the required figure. The members of the ruling coalition would also have separate meetings of their respective parliamentary parties. The joint parliamentary parties meeting of the ruling coalition would also deliberate upon the impeachment resolution along with the charge sheet that would be tabled before the Parliament and would also give approval to the voluminous charge sheet against the President. Talking to media persons here on Sunday Senator Latif Khosa of PPP said that a notice for impeachment of the President would be submitted in the National Assembly on Monday (today). The Provincial Assemblies sessions would be convened from Monday, which would adopt no-confidence motion against the President and demanding of him to seek fresh vote of confidence from the Parliament, he added. On the other hand, PPP spokesman Farhatullah Babar said the coalition partners had the support of more than 340 members of the Parliament whereas they would be requiring some 295 votes for the impeachment of the President. He further said that politically they had already won and now going for impeachment of the President was just to complete the legal and constitutional requirement. To a question about the trial of the President as required under the Constitution after his impeachment, Farhatullah Babar said the matter would be decided in the Parliament once the charge sheet was tabled before the House and impeachment of the President was done. Meanwhile, the Task Committee assigned the job to put together the resolution and charge sheet to impeach President Musharraf continued its work on Sunday and according to the members of the committee, it would take another couple of days to finalise the indictment document. However, sources privy to the deliberations of the committee disclosed that the committee had completed its work and it was keeping it secret just to take the presidential camp by surprise. The sources expected that the draft resolution and the charge sheet against President Musharraf would be tabled before the joint parliamentary parties meeting on Monday (today) prior to the National Assembly session. There was strong likelihood that the impeachment resolution would be submitted to the National Assembly Secretariat today for further legal action. However, briefing journalists after the meeting at her residence, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Sherry Rehman said that charge sheet against President Musharraf was strong and voluminous, and was a powerful indictment of his systematic misrule and usurpation of Parliament's powers. "No one wants to be counted on the wrong side of democracy in this historic battle," she said, adding that draft of the impeachment motion and charge sheet would be completed within a couple of days. She said that they discussed the points of the charge sheet but declined to share it with media and said that the same would be made public at appropriate time. She reiterated her claim that members of PML-Q were constantly in contact with the ruling coalition, as they also wanted to strengthen the democratic process in the country. She asserted that the ruling coalition had the support of over 350 members, which was much more than the requisite number to impeach the President. To a question, she said that PPP stalwart Makhdoom Ameen Fahim had no intention against the ruling coalition or to vote in favour of President. "He is senior politician and I don't think he would vote against impeachment," she asserted. The ruling coalition on Sunday after hours-long meeting prepared the points of charge sheet against the President but remained quite cautious to unveil the contents to the media. Besides Sherry Rehman, Senator Raza Rabbani, Federal Law Minister Farooq H Naek, former senator Farahatullah Babar, Ehsan Iqbal and Senator Ishaq Dar attended the meeting. Agencies add: Quoting sources, a private TV channel reported that the meeting was held at the residence of Federal Information Minister Sherry Rehman in which eight-point charge sheet was being considered. President Musharraf's October 12, 1999 military coup against Nawaz Sharif government, suspension of constitution, imposition of partial Martial Law, Lal Masjid operation, judges' sacking, weakening of the federation will be the main points of the charge sheet, sources said. Apart from these points; allowing the foreign powers to intervene in country's politics, missing persons, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan issue and Benazir Bhutto's assassination were also under consideration, the sources added. In addition, members of parliament elected from the FATA are demanding to add military operation in FATA in the charge sheet while Baloch nationalists are also demanding for addition of Balochistan operation in the charge sheet. Minority members are also demanding to add the points regarding withdrawal of direct election for minority members, the sources said. Meanwhile, Federal Law Minister Farooq Naek said that President Pervez Musharraf should resign to spare Pakistan the trauma of a bitter impeachment process that will include accusations he violated the constitution. Naek said the charge sheet will detail ways that Musharraf violated the constitution and "the gross misconduct that the president has done." "I think for full restoration of the constitution, and for the survival of this nation and for democracy in this country, it is very necessary that Gen Musharraf resigns himself, otherwise the impeachment will start," Naek said. "It will be a historic motion. It will have solid points against Musharraf." "A comprehensive charge sheet is being prepared," Naek said. "The charge sheet will be solid and Musharraf will not be able to fight it," said the minister, a member of the committee drafting the charges. "It is better for him to resign before impeachment." Naek did not provide further details. Talking to newsmen, Sherry Rehman said "Cracks are visible in the PML-Q." "Musharraf is losing support every day," she said, adding that the committee had collected enough material against Musharraf. Meanwhile, The charge-sheet against President Pervez Musharraf would be spread on hundreds of pages as he had been involved in many acts of constitutional violations and damaging image of the country, Federal Minister for Education and PML-N Information Secretary Ahsan Iqbal said on Sunday. "We are receiving hundreds of e-mails and short mobile messages (SMS) for support in preparation of charge-sheet as public from all over the country is demanding for trial of Pervez Musharraf," Ahsan Iqbal told media persons after meeting of the joint PPP-PML (N) committee here. He said the President pushed country into grave crisis and his biggest offense was to disgrace rule of law in the country. No dictator in the world had ever attacked the judiciary as did Pervez Musharraf on November 3, he added. President disputed role of national institutions to prolong his dictatorship and created political and constitutional destablisation in the country. Now he (President) is propagating that nuclear assets of the country would become vulnerable after his removal, but Ahsan Iqbal said the propaganda is baseless as nuclear assets of Pakistan are not in the hand of any individual rather under the strong command and control authority. Impeachment of Pervez Musharraf is not issue of ruling coalition only but it is a national level issue, which is evident from recent survey indicating that more than 68 per cent people demand his removal, the PML leader observed.