PESHAWAR - The security forces targeted the suspected hideouts of Taliban militants in Loyi Sum area on Sunday. The security forces had vacated the area of Loyi Sum on Saturday. Meanwhile, the Taliban militants have surrounded the Khar town. The civilian population is migrating from Khar, headquarters of Bajaur Agency, to other safer places fearing more clashes between the security forces and the militants. The forces targeted the suspected hideouts of the militants with artillery and gunship helicopters in Khar, Loyi Sum, Tankkhata, Banda, Charmang, Rahgan, Haji Lawang and Mullah Keley to stop the militants from making further advancement to other areas while the local tribesmen confirmed that a number of militants had reached Khar and established checkposts all over the area. There are also reports suggesting that both the security forces and Taliban militants are engaged in consolidating their positions for another and probably 'decisive round' of fighting. "The security forces vacated Loyi Sum in accordance to war strategies", remarked an Frontier Constabulary official on Sunday while confirming the retreat, which Taliban militants interpreted as their 'victory'. Moreover, Taliban militants have also claimed to have caught and killed at least five soldiers and five others were made hostage when they refused to surrender. However, independent sources and officials didn't confirm militants claims. Meanwhile, fearing more clashes and increasing uncertainty, thousands of people are migrating from the area for security to other adjacent place like Dir, Malakand and Mohmand Agencies. Because of the precarious situation, almost all bazaars and markets remained closed and there was an acute shortage of edible items and of other commodities of daily use all over Bajaur Agency. No transport facility was available, as all roads remained closed.   Monitoring Desk adds: More than 100 militants and nine soldiers have been killed in four days of heavy fighting in Bajaur Agency, officials said. However, Taliban militants have claimed that they have surrounded the Khar town, reports BBC. Taliban said that only seven of their men died. Neither claim has been independently verified. The forces moved to Khar, the main town in the Bajaur tribal agency, to where the Taliban are reported to have followed them. The militants have now surrounded the town, according to a government official in Khar, who spoke to the BBC on condition of anonymity. This is all further troubling evidence for the military and government that the Taliban threat continues to grow, reports the BBC's Mark Dummett from Islamabad. One soldier told the BBC by telephone that a number of troops had been taken hostage by the Taliban insurgents. "One of my men was killed on the spot when the Taliban attacked us, while four went missing. The rest of us laid down our arms and were captured," said the man, who identified himself as Subedar Ghausuddin. Agencies add: Turi tribe resisted big attack of militants in Lower Kurram here on Sunday. Hundreds of militants armed with heavy weapons attacked the border villages of Kurram Agency Balymen, Jalmey and Khost of Afghanistan in mid night between the Saturday and Sunday. Sources said that fierce battle continued for eight hours in which Turi tribe resisted with bravery by resisting militants' attack. Due to fierce and bloody clashes, five persons of Turi tribe and attacking militants including two famous commanders of Taliban were killed. Sources added that militants of Waziristan and Khost have occupied the four villages of Lower Kurram including Tagano Kalay, Gul Kaly, Kando Kaly, Ismel and Kaj kaly with the help of local populations sympathies and they started attack on the surrounding villages of Turi tribe Balyamen and Jalamy in the midnight darkness with armed Lashker. Turi tribe retaliated well by showing resistance and stopping the attacking Lashker doing heavy damage to both the sides. Eyewitness added that the local people burnt more than 50 homes in villages Tagano Kalay, Gul Kaly, Kando Kaly, Ismel and Kaj Kaly as a punishment that why they gave shelter and support to militants of Waziristan and Khost area of Afghanistan. Eyewitness said Turi tribe also destroyed an illegal FM Radio station. The said station was being used for hated speeches besides promoting sectarianism.