KARACHI - When the whole country is discussing the fate of President Pervez Mushrraf as the ruling coalition is fully committed to impeach the President, Karachi has gripped in the fear that what will happen if Taliban appears in the City and the same issue has gained much popularity than the impeachment. Talk of the town is the presence of Taliban in Karachi and due to repeated statements by MQM chief Altaf Hussain that they (Taliban) might strike in the metropolis, initially no one was believing on the stance of MQM's chief and treating it lightly. Even Provincial Home Minister Zulfiqar Mirza and IG Sindh had denied the presence of Taliban in Karachi and any part of Sindh. But when Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman Maulvi Umar and TTP Naib Ameer Maulvi Faqeer Muhammad claimed that the Taliban were not only present in the City but they could also capture the entire City. The citizens who wanted to live peacefully did not earlier take the Talibanisation issue seriously but Maulvi Umar's announcement perturbed them. According to reports, groups of youth planning in various parts of the City that if any attack-like situation or violence started in the City, how they would combat the situation. The same information is leaking to the areas which are supposed to be linked with the Taliban factor. Karachi is the financial hub of Pakistan and as the country is already passing through critical phase, its economic progress is turning to jeopardy. If clashes erupted in the City on larger scale one can imagine that how can it affect the national economy. In most of the MQM-dominated areas of the City, people taking the MQM's concern seriously and worried that how can they defend the City if Taliban arrive as it was the responsibility of the government to save the life and property of the citizens. On the other hand, reports received that Taliban would try to enter the city.      Musharraf belong to Karachi and he is facing hardest days of his professional life and passing through trouble waters. But this topic comes second as currently the hot topic of discussion is Taliban. When this scribe wanted to take views of different political observers, intellectuals and economists they did not ready to discuss it openly, and refused to comment on it. A political analyst on condition of anonymity said that if such type of speculations were going to be happened in the City then this was the part of great game related to the American policies.         On impeachment of Musharraf, citizens of Karachi believed that the President would be defeated if Americans did not interfere and Pakistan Army remain impartial. The attention of the entire nation has been diverted completely to the question of fate of the President Musharraf as count down had already been started against him. In Karachi, people are taking both the issues seriously but preferring the question of arrival of Taliban in the port city.