Taliban chief in Swat, Maulana Fazalullah, has warned that Taliban would carry out suicide attacks if a military operation was launched against them. This statement is an open declaration of war and a challenge to the writ of state. It is indeed sad how a TV channel can interview these terrorists but the forces cannot reach him. His threat should be taken seriously. He is determined to continue efforts for his version of Islamisation not only in Swat, or Pakistan in the whole world. -SARDAR ALI, Peshawar, via e-mail, July 28.Taliban are coming Most people in Karachi belong to middle class or lower class families. They earn average or lower than average salary. Only three percent of population can be called rich. When I said people of Karachi, it meant people who were born in Karachi and had the Karachi domicile. In this middle and lower class system of civilization, one generation sacrifices for their new generation. They work hard to earn money to send their kids to schools they never had chance to go to. If they do not have a house from inheritance, they work hard for years to sum up their savings to buy a plot. Usually, the next generation builds the house. That is how it goes on. Enter Taliban in this situation. They come from Afghanistan to live in Karachi. The very first thing they do is it to go to any Kachi abadi and commandeer a plot to start living there. They think earth is the land of Allah so they can live anywhere they want. If they need water they just take an illegal line from the closest neighborhood. This why we have water shortage in Karachi. They do the same thing with electricity lines and that is why we have a power shortage in this city. They are the ones who, in the 1980s Afghan war, introduced the klashinkov and drugs culture in Karachi. I strongly urge President and Prime Minster of Pakistan to save our civilization from Talibanisation. -DAWAR NAQVI, Torrance, Canada, via e-mail, July 30.