LAHORE - As the controversy over establishment of medical universities in the province is gaining momentum, a PML-N MNA and two MPAs have written letters to Punjab Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif, telling him that Vice-Chancellor University of Health Sciences (UHS), Dr Malik Hussain Mubbashar was misleading the CM and providing him wrong information on the issue. They have conveyed the Punjab CM that UHS Vice-Chancellor was disseminating information about medical education without thorough investigation and proper study, which, they said, was highly misleading. In their separate letters to the chief minister, all three public representatives - MNA Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, MPAs Dr Saeed Elahi and Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman - informed the CM that the UHS Vice-Chancellor Dr Malik Hussain Mubbashar was creating controversy by misleading him about the ground realities on health issues like the number of medical universities operating in the province of Sindh. It is pertinent to mention here that there are two medical universities in Punjab, and the government is considering a proposal to set up more such universities, especially in southern Punjab. The Vice-Chancellor, UHS, however, is opposing the move, allegedly because he wants to have monopoly over medial education. He is also stated to be a strong opponent of King Edward Medical University. Earlier, the UHS Chairman in his letter addressed to the Secretary, chief minister on July 29, 2008 had informed that some legislators were misguiding the CM about the number of public medical universities in Sindh. He had further wrote in the said letter that total number of medical universities in Sindh was two, an information which has now been challenged by the parliamentarians. While, according to the contents of the letters of the MNA and two MPAs, the actual number of private and public medical universities in Sindh, was eight and all were being funded by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).  They said that the 'worthy' VC UHS was totally ignorant about the facts regarding the medical education in Pakistan and he deliberately ignored the six other private and general universities, which are also imparting medical education in their attached medical colleges. They said that UHS Chairman was disseminating information on health issues without properly investigating and studying despite the fact that he was holding a key post in a major medical institute. They said that the UHS Chairman and his some 'cronies', mainly belonging to private medical colleges and private companies are against the setting up of new medical universities and wanted their monopoly in the field of medical education. MPA Dr Saeed Elahi in his letter informed that eight health universities were functional in Sindh. He said that the UHS Chairman was creating disharmony, which could result in a lot of controversy between the elected representatives and the provincial government. He said the Punjab province needed more public and private sector medical universities. The number of health universities in Punjab was too short as compared to the Sindh, because of Sindhis' zeal to get quality medical education.   Earlier, in the letter to the Chief Minister's Principal Secretary, the UHS Vice-Chancellor Dr Malik Hussain Mubbashar had informed, "During an inspiring meeting under the chairmanship of Chief Minister, some members misinformed him about the number of Public Sector Health Universities in various provinces of Pakistan". The UHS chairman claimed that only two public sector health universities were operating in Sindh and one in NWFP, being funded by the HEC. He said the members misinformed the CM that the HEC was funding to around eight medical universities in Sindh. "These letters should clarify the incorrect information being provided to Chief Minister as well as to the Media. This is for record so that the Chief Minister is informed accordingly", the UHS Chairman said. MNA Sardar Ayaz Sadiq in his letter told the Chief Minister, "Participants including the undersigned in the meeting mentioned about the number of universities in Sindh imparting medical education. The number quoted in the meeting was 07, which in fact is 08, as recently the government of Sindh has raised the status of two more medical colleges, giving them status of medical universities. They include: Chandka Medical University and Woman Medical University Nawabshah. It is pertinent to mention here that some of these universities are general universities with medical college as their constituent college. Therefore these universities have equal chances to get the funding for the projects from HEC". He further informed that the HEC is open to provide funds to Public and Private Universities, which qualify the criteria and LUMS and Agha Khan Universities are already getting heavy amount and others are in line to use this window. "It is therefore requested that the Vice-Chancellor UHS may be directed to refrain from writing such letters without thorough investigation and study of the matter," the MNA asked the Chief Minister in his letter.