THE Senate Standing Committee on Interior deserves a pat on the back for taking firm action against the Pakistan State Oil for the grant of a contract to an Israeli company led by Israeli and Indian army officers. It is comforting to know that an inquiry has been launched in order to find out what motivated the PSO to go to such an extreme as to do business with an Israeli firm. First of all, the law categorically forbids any kind of business with Israel. How this law could be flouted is certainly perplexing. It seems that the instinctive motive for greed and profit making was in play but at the same time there appears to be another ominous dimension to it. The Israeli company Turpak-Orpak was under the provision of the contract assigned the duty of running the Vehicle Identification System at PSO filling stations across the capital. A fact that would have certainly caught the attention of the Senate Committee is that a number of PSO pumps are located at a stones throw from the countrys highly sensitive strategic installations including the GHQ and that allowing an Israeli firm led by military personnel to operate freely on these outlets definitely amounts to signing our death warrant. At a time when the finger has repeatedly been pointed at the Indo-US nexus for fishing in Pakistans troubled waters, we ought to have been cautious and under no circumstances allowed an Israeli firm to spread its tentacles anywhere in Pakistan, let alone Islamabad. It is an open secret that from day one the Zionist entity has been in cahoots with New Delhi trying to weaken and destabilise Pakistan and still continues to do so with impunity. While the PSO must be held accountable for taking this step and the Israeli firm told to pack up and leave the country immediately, the concerned Senate Committee must also put its foot down on another related issue - the unlawful activities of the American covert operatives in Islamabad and other major cities.