The recent unrest in Kashmir shows no sign of abetting with more people getting killed every day that passes by. Almost all killings are caused by police firing. Jammu and Kashmir is in flames not because terrorists have unleashed a reign of terror but because the inept state government and the security forces helping it have acted clumsily and with great cruelty through out. There are unmistakable signs of fatigue and frustration in the security forces, a sure indication that they think the battle they are fighting against the people of Kashmiris futile and lost. New Delhi and its state government probably still think they can control the situation by force but if they do, they are living in fools paradise. Indians call themselves a democracy but they dont allow Kashmiris to exercise their free will and the popular consciousness of that is flaming the anger. The state and central governments have to solve the conflict by democratic means. If the people of Kashmir do not want to be part of India, set them free. Long hours of curfew or resorting to direct firing on protesters, treating civilians as enemies, cannot be a solution. If New Delhi persists with these repressive methods, it might as well give up any hopes that it might harbour of keeping Kashmir as a part of Indian federation. Every day of violent protests in the Valley exposes Indias failure to keep its federation intact. -AFIA AMBREEN, Rawalpindi, August 8.