The media and its growth, or the so-called freedom if you will, are often cited in our country as a great achievement of the people and government of Pakistan. Everyone wants a part of the credit for bringing about the changes that happened so rapidly in recent years in our media industry. The journalists claim their struggles paid-off, the people assert their voice caused the action and the government hails itself on the achievement of creating a whole constellation of new television channels to help the democratic system function better. But when it comes to taking the responsibility that comes with claiming credit and ensuring efficacy and accuracy that should be the defining characteristics of a free and strong media, none has anything to say. Who ensures that a balance is struck between enterprise and fulfilment of a social duty? We have heard many a solemn resolution and passed many a binding regulation but even to this day, our media prints and gets away with printing misinformation often in crass disregard for ethical concerns like privacy, respect for social norms and social responsibility. -FATIMA A ZEB, Lahore, August 9.