I wish to remind the PM that it was the free press, civil society, teachers, lawyers, peasants, workers and women rights groups who stood up for democracy and forced Musharraf to quit while all the politicians were comfortably ensconced abroad. As far as President Zardari is concerned, he was not even part of the political struggle nor were most of those that are his coalition partners now. The imprisonment that he had to bear was for graft, kickbacks and commissions. Please stop painting him as a Nelson Mandela because he is not even close. Mr Mandela was a prisoner of conscience who did not own chateaus in France or numbered bank accounts in Switzerland. Nor did he have luxury apartments in Manhattan and villas in Dubai etc. The world press sings praises for Mr Mandela while what the world thinks of Mr Zardari is also known to us courtesy the British press. At a time when millions face starvation in Pakistan, having lost all of their lives savings and assets in floods, the PM was found campaigning in a bye-election and the so-called 'symbol of our federation was touring France and UK. The havoc these floods had caused was clear before Mr Zardari embarked on his private visit. Why does the spokesman for this government always have to distort facts by saying this was an official visit? The British High Commissioner was in Islamabad and not in UK, where he would have been if this was an official trip. Stand up and speak the truth, otherwise fear the wrath of this nation which has been driven to desperation now. The shoe-in that he got on the tour, or didnt get, does not matter an awful lot. What is clear is that President should not have undertaken this visit when his people had been so mauled in a calamity of this cataclysmic scale. When the rivers ran through our cities, all we saw on our screens was the PM playing negotiations with his coalition partners, they fighting their turf battles and the President being feted in palaces of Europe. -RAHAT SIDDIQI, Karachi, August 9.