I am a member of the Fountain House Think Tank and Pakistan Psychiatry Society. The other day, we had a combined meeting of these two organisations and Pakistans misery was under discussion. For quite some time now, Pakistan is facing a string of calamities, one after the other. The chain of events has gone on too long, too far and Pakistanis feel mentally disturbed and very frustrated. So all members of the meeting resolved at the end that the nation should observe the coming Friday as a Youm-i Tauba, i.e. a Day of Repentance. This is what the house thought of the concept of Tauba. The concept of Tauba is to return towards Allah after doing something against His law. As the humans are not protected from sin, their feet can sometimes wobble on the right path. And their hearts are tainted by darkness. We should turn toward Allah or this darkness would grow bigger and bigger. There are three major conditions for seeking Allahs forgiveness: (1) We should feel remorse in our heart and make a strong decision to refrain from sins. (2) If peoples rights have been denied, attacked or taken away, we should restore those back to them. (3) If we transgress from commands of Allah, for example fail to observe prayers and other basic tenets of Islam, we should return to the duty of observing those immediately. I urge the people of Pakistan to pray for Allahs forgiveness this coming Friday after the Juma congregations in mosques, seek His forgiveness and mend their ways to become true Muslims. -DR SHAUKAT MAHMOOD, Lahore, August 10.