Nobody would have thought that the isolated incident of the killing of Mark Duggan, an unarmed innocent civilian by police last Saturday, would plunge the country into total chaos. Unfortunately a section of British media wasted no time in laying the blame of riots at the doors of organised gangs. This in fact was an attempt to divert attention from the real issues like for instance unemployment, resentment of youth and most importantly inequality in society. The killing only gave a reason to this mass of marginalised people to register their anger against the government. So far, there are no signs that the rioting would stop. Hundreds of shops and public buildings around various towns of Britain have been reduced to ashes and scores of people including the police personnel have been injured. With fear on the streets increasing by the hour, the people are now resorting to making their own arrangements for protection, including forming baseball-totting brigades to man their localities and property, which again is quite worrisome. Despite the arrest of 523 looters in London alone during the past three days, the situation continues to get worse. Indeed, after the failure of Metropolitan Polices public order unit, CO11, that was considered as the ultimate agency in controlling public unrest, there is now talk of calling in the army on the streets to quell the violence. A session of Parliament has been scheduled to meet today to find ways on how to normalise the situation. The British government now faces a political challenge. The country is now reaping the whirlwind of disastrous policies pursued during the long tenure of Tony Blair, who was obsessed with using the taxpayers money and resources to support Americas so-called war on terror and also Gordon Brown who had no vision at all. The Cameron setup should now turn to the real issues of joblessness, racial discrimination, inequality and others breeding discontentment.