After several nights of riots, Britain's major cities were relatively quiet early on Thursday amid heavy security and rain. A day after British Prime Minister David Cameron said that police will be allowed to use whatever tactics they deem necessary to restore calm, the night was relatively quiet in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Nottingham and other cities that saw several days of riots, arsons and looting. It was the second relatively calm night for London, where 16,000 police officers were patrolling the streets. Media reported that objects had been thrown at officers in south London's Eltham suburb, but police said the group was quickly dispersed. Court were open on Wednesday night to hear cases of all those arrested during the riots. According to the latest police statistics, over 800 rioters have been detained in London since the riots began on Saturday and some 250 of them have been accused of disrupting public order, destroying property and theft. Violence began in the British capital's northern district of Tottenham on Saturday over the fatal shooting of a young man by police. On Sunday and Monday, it spread to other areas in London and Birmingham.