In your esteemed publication, I happened to read a statement the other day which shook me to the core and inspired me to write to you and express my ire in no uncertain terms. The gentleman who had issued the statement is a patriotic, well-regarded religious figure, which is why his suggestion that Independence Day be celebrated on the 27th of Ramzan (i:e 28 August this year) instead of the 14th of August shocked me so much. The 27th of Ramzan is a sacred, holy night. 14th of August at the same time has its own importance. To suggest that it be celebrated any other day, no matter what noble motives are behind the suggestion, is an absolutely absurd and overly daring attempt to shake the very foundations of our history. It must stop. 14th August is 14th August and there is no point in celebrating it at any other date. ABUBAKR GHAFOOR, Islamabad, August 10.