LAHORE The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) staff on Wednesday observed a partial strike from 11am to 1pm at all the offices of the Income Tax and Customs departments across the country. According to the Federal Revenue Alliance Employees Union, the workers in the Regional Tax Office held a protest demonstration against the freezing of workers allowance, pressing the government to pay their dues. A strike was observed and various groups of employees took part in the strike giving a full hand of support to Federal Revenue Alliance Employees Union. Mian Abdul Qayyoum, President of Federal Revenue Alliance, addressed the employees of Income Tax and Customs, giving a warning to high-ups to defreeze the said allowance otherwise a full strike will be observed throughout Pakistan and all the departments of Customs and Income Tax will be closed. He added that transfers of our union members in Bahawalpur to various out stations and to other provinces are against the service rules. The basic right to remain in his native district can be challenged. These orders immediately be taken back. Naeeem Abbas Shah, President Lahore Region, observed that we have already postponed the same strike in June to avoid tension. But now government is not giving any head to it. He said that government has introduced new pay scales for the employees of FBR but with a friction to freeze the 100 percent allowance at the Ratio already paid in the Month of June 2011. As per the old policy a 100 percent allowance equal to basic pay was sanctioned to employees of FBR. But now the government has freezed that allowance.