Construction and sanitary material worth million of rupees was gutted due to fire caused by unknown reasons in two commercial plazas here in Islamabad on Thursday. According to police fire broke out in the basement of a commercial plaza located in Alipur Farash, a sub-urban area of the federal capital. The fire spread rapidly and engulfed the four storey building. Two hours later fire broke out in second floor of an adjacent commercial plaza. Two fire brigades reached the scene and started rescue operation. Later more fire tenders were called in to extinguish the wide spread fire and it was brought under control after more than two hours hectic efforts. Chemicals and plastic materials present in the shops and ware houses in the two plazas added fuel to the fire creating difficulties for fire tenders. Meantime plastic and sanitary wares, chemicals and other construction materials worth millions of rupees were burnt to ashes. Owner of the most affected commercial plaza said that the fire incident seems to be intentional rather than accidental. He also demanded the law enforcement authorities to investigate the incident and compensate for the losses.