WASHINGTON/LONDON (Agencies): An expert in national security is challenging the details of the raid that took down the worlds top terror leader in an explosive report. RJ Hillhouse, a former rum and jewel smuggler, who runs the blog 'www.TheSpyWhoBilledMe.com, cites sources that contend it was a Pakistani intelligence officer who came forward to US authorities. The officer said he had knowledge of Osama bin Ladens whereabouts, and was interested in cutting a deal. This would dispute the widely published reports that a courier working for bin Laden was the catalyst for the famous Navy SEAL Team Six mission. Forget the cover story of waterboarding-leads-to-courier-leads-to bin Laden, Hillhouse writes, referring to the New York Times analysis of the raid. The agreement included the roughly $25million reward offered by the State Department for information leading to the al-Qaeda leader. The State Department said it would not comment on Ms Hillhouses blog. The unknown officer also wished to secure American citizenship for his family, Ms Hillhouse writes. The officer allegedly told US officials the Saudis were paying off Pakistan and their intelligence agency (ISI) to keep bin Laden hidden in the Abbottabad compound, The Daily Mail reported. His information, Ms Hillhouse claims, led to the intelligence gathering that brought the CIA to Abbottabad, Pakistan, where bin Laden had been living. It has been reported that President Obama sought four helicopters to cover the SEALs as they headed out of Pakistan, but were not needed because Pakistani authorities were unaware that the Americans had even entered their airspace. But Millhouse claims the Pakistani military, as well as the ISI, not only knew about the American raid, but also cooperated. Millhouse asserts that the 'CIA and friends approached the chiefs of the Pakistani military and the ISI with a deal they couldnt refuse: they would double what the Saudis were paying them to keep bin Laden if they cooperated with the US. Or they could refuse the deal and live with the consequences: the Saudis would stop paying and there would be the international embarrassment. The ISI and Pakistani military were cooperating with the US on the raid. The cooperation was why there were no troops in Abottabad. They were all pulled out. It had always seemed very far-fetched to me that a helicopter could crash and later destroyed in an area with such high military concentration without the Pakistanis noticing. But then it seemed even wilder to believe that a US Navy SEAL (DEVGRU) actually shot a woman who rushed them in the leg. Yeah, right. I know these guys. The only way theyll shoot a woman in the leg is if they are double tapping a head or chest and that leg got in the way. DEVGRU shoots to kill. She continues: The cover story was going to be a drone strike in Pakistan. Things went south when the helicopter crashed. The White House freaked and the cooperating Pakistanis were thrown under the bus. Although the White House really pissed off the intel and DEVGRU guys with their knee-jerk reaction that tossed the Pakistanis under the proverbial bus, ironically it did have the same outcome as the original CIA cover story: the way they were treated, no one believes Generals Kiyani and Pasha were cooperating with the US. According to the profile given at her blog, Dr Hillhouse is a former professor and Fulbright fellow, who earned her PhD in political science at the University of Michigan. Her latest novel, OUTSOURCED (Forge Books) is about the turf wars between the Pentagon and the CIA and the privatization of national security. She has run Cuban rum between East and West Berlin, smuggled jewels from the Soviet Union and slipped through some of the worlds tightest borders. From Uzbekistan to Romania, shes been followed, held at gunpoint and interrogated. Foreign governments and others have pitched her for recruitment as a spy. (They failed.)