LAHORE Lahore High Court Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhary on Wednesday directed the Punjab police chief, IG Javed Iqbal, to take strict action against those police officers who have indulged in registering fake cases. The chief justice also restrained the police from pursuing coercive action against one Azam Saeed, who has been implicated in six bogus cases allegedly on the instance of the provincial chief minister after he refused to give up the contract to develop a recreational park in front of the CMs House in Murree. Following the courts direction issued on the last hearing, IG Javed Iqal and Punjab Advocate General Khwaja Harris Ahmad appeared before the court in person on Wednesday. On that days hearing, the honourable judge had taken a serious view of the fact that the chairman of the PTDC had acted against Saeed to obey the higher authorities, despite the fact that he (PTDC chairman) knew what the law says about registering (fake) cases. The case against the petitioner was registered on a complaint received in dak (correspondence). The Chief Justice, expressing displeasure over the polices conduct, observed: The police of two districts have been set after the petitioner following a case against the petitioner while killers and docoits go scoot free every day and no one has been set after them to catch them. The court directed the IGP to act harshly against the police officials who are involved in the registration of fake cases. The court was told on the day of the last hearing that only two cases against the petitioner were registered on the direction of the Chief Minister. The court was also informed that a high-level committee had been set up to probe the matter. The Advocate General told the court on Wednesday that the Chief Minster was against corruption and did want this evil to be practiced at any level in the province. He said: The CM has vowed not to let anyone loot the national wealth or let the national kitty suffer any loss. He said the petitioner was booked in the cases on account the loss he had incurred on the national kitty as he had failed to complete the job within time and had obtained more than what was due to him. He said they did not know on what charges and on whose complaint rest of the five cases have been registered against the petitioner. The counsel for the petitioner, however, submitted to the court that his client had been victimised as the higher authority wanted to give the contract to a favourite. He offered to the court to appoint an arbitrator to find out the facts, saying his client would pay back the money if found to have taken more than what was due to him.