NEW DELHI (AFP) - India's parliament was forced to abandon proceedings Wednesday amid chaotic scenes in New Delhi as opposition lawmakers denounced the deaths of three farmers who were shot by police at a protest. Business was also disrupted in the Maharashtra state legislature in Mumbai, amid fury at the killings near the city of Pune on Tuesday. Police said that they were forced to open fire on the farmers, who were opposing the construction of a water pipeline through their land, after teargas and rubber bullets failed to disperse them. In the capital, opposition lawmakers from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Shiv Sena and Samajwadi Party forced business to be abandoned for the day by shouting and rallying in the well of the lower house of parliament. The Press Trust of India news agency said that BJP members in Mumbai called the ruling Congress party alliance "murderers" and demanded an official inquiry. Proceedings in the Maharashtra assembly were adjourned several times but later resumed. The BJP also condemned police action against protesters in New Delhi on Tuesday, when water cannon and bamboo batons were used to disperse thousands of activists protesting against a slew of government corruption scandals. That demonstration was part of a nationwide campaign launched by the BJP's student wing against the graft-plagued Congress-led government.