NEW YORK - The calm prevailing in Indian Held Kashmir this summer does not mean that Kashmiri people have given up their struggle for an end to New Delhis rule, according to a US media report. 'At the core, the issue for many Kashmiris remains unchanged, The New York Times said in a report from Srinagar on the situation in the disputed state that sharply contrasts with the turmoil of last summer. The current political calm is not 'true peace, veteran Kashmiri leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani, was quoted as saying in the course of the report. His view is shared by young pro-independence activists. 'This is a forcible peace that has been made at gun-point Geelani said. 'People are under very grave slavery, he added. The report said that the Kashmir Valley City, which was like a war zone last summer following an uprising by Kashmiri youth, was 'enjoying an unexpected season of tranquility, with business booming again as tourists from across India flock in, filling just about every airplane seat, hotel room and houseboat. But Maqbool Rishi, a student of zoology at the University of Held Kashmir who took part in protests last year, was quoted in the dispatch as asserting that the struggle for self-determination would continue. 'It is just a cycle, he said. 'The protest will come again and again. It is the inner voice of Kashmir. His fellow student, Nafees Ahmed, said that many Kashmiris had suffered devastating losses last year, and needed to regroup. His family lost its entire apple crop because it could not get it to the market. 'Most of our fruits rotted on the trees, he said.