Zulfikar Mirza ought to be careful the next time while making public statements because as the entire saw, his comments about some days back led to the closure of the city for a full day. Several innocent people also lost their lives only because of his political shortsightedness. There may be many reasons of unrest in the city but some stark facts cannot be ignored especially with respect to the province of Sindh, which is virtually home to two large ethnic groups. Now we must recognize the ground realities, and work together for social uplift for our people especially the rural Sindh, which is most lucrative market of spurious drugs, where health care, public transportation, quality education, and law and order have almost collapsed. The public representatives should look beyond the luxury vehicles, cozy homes located in the posh areas of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, even London, and serve hapless masses diligently; narrow down their sense of growing alienation. S.BUKHARI, Karachi, August9.