MULTAN - Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Secretary General Liaqat Baloch declared on Wednesday that his party was going to hold a country-wide referendum against increasing American intervention in Pakistan. The motive behind holding this referendum is to get public opinion on this issue. The JI workers will set up referendum camps at chowks, roadsides, bus and wagon stands, railway stations and markets besides going door-to-door to know masses opinion, he added while talking to the journalists here at JI office. He said that JI supported new administrative units but the parliament should set a method for the creation of new provinces and administrative units. He warned that distribution of provinces on lingual grounds would prove a lethal poison for national solidarity. If the government is sincere to create new provinces it should hold debate in the parliament on this issue instead of creating fuss through statements, he added. Referring to Karachi, he said that ANP, PPP and MQM were responsible for the destruction of trading hub of the country. He said that the government had completely failed to maintain law and order in Karachi and the killers were given free hand to massacre the citizens. He said that the government had made a promise with the people that it would recover missing persons and implement parliaments resolutions on national security. Neither have they recovered missing persons nor implemented resolutions. Now the people have a very strong impression that the rulers have no vision and they act upon American agenda, he maintained. He said that approval of new regulation law for FATA and PATA was tantamount to imposing worst curbs on the human rights of residents of these areas. He said that the residents of tribal areas had rejected this regulation while the elected representatives from these areas also expressed serious concerns on this issue. He demanded of the president Asif Ali Zardari to immediately withdraw this regulation. He said that the power crisis had turned worse as 18 hour long power outages shut down entire industry in the country. He said that agriculture was also at the verge of complete destruction because of increase in its inputs prices. He said that the tariffs of electricity, Sui gas and LPG were revised every second day as a result of which price hike went out of control and crushed poor masses.