KOT ADDU - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is protecting the rights of the people of Southern Punjab and is in favour of small administrative units so that people can get more benefits but not on ethnic basis. This was stated by Abdul Khaliq Qamar, the tehsil organiser of PTI Kot Addu. He was addressing an Iftaar party at Shiekh Umer, 20-km from here. He said that the PTI was struggling for the basic rights of people and so it is in favour of small administrative units. By this way people will get justice at their doorsteps. He said that the PTI is planning to organize the party at union council level. He said that corrupt rulers, corruption, injustice and price hike are major problems of the nation. He said to the workers that they should take part actively in politics and fight for people rights. This Aftaar Party was organized by Mian Mustafa Qureshi organizer PP252. Gastro has broken out in Tehsil Kot Addu. Many patients come of gasto in hospitals in Kot Addu and near by areas basic health units like Pir Jagi Moor, Bhagal Daira Din Panah, Samawan, Gujrat and Mahmood Kot. Medicines are not available in the hospitals and doctors are often also seen absent in remote areas.