LAHORE-In the wake of heated debate on creation of new provinces, a stormy Punjab Assembly session is starting from today at 10 am amid reports that both the Opposition and the Treasury have chalked their respective strategies to counter each others moves in the House. The issue of new provinces will dominate the agenda of Thursdays Assembly sitting though the Opposition has requisitioned the session to discuss bad law and order situation, alleged financial indiscipline in Punjab and host of other issues. As the Speaker has already decided not to make a PML-Q resolution and also that of PML-Z (both pertaining to creation of new provinces ) part of the Assembly agenda, PPP is learnt to have drafted its own resolution on the issue. As per sources, one of PPP legislators will stand on a point of order immediately after start of the session and request the Speaker to allow him move a resolution in the House out of turn by suspending the relevant rules. The proposed resolution will ask the Federal government to take necessary Constitutional steps for carving out a new province in South Punjab. 'If the Speaker did not allow him to move it, the Opposition members will lodge strong protest both inside and outside the Assembly. The Opposition is also considering to stage a token or complete boycott of Thursdays sitting over the issue of new province, but remaining within the House and recording protest there will be the most preferred option, said the sources. To counter the Oppositions move, PML-N is also considering bringing a resolution in the House opposing making of new Federating units on linguistic basis and seeking forming of a National Commission to thrash out the issue of new provinces. Reportedly, Ali Haider Noor Niazi of MMA has been assigned this task by PML-N. In that case, it will be difficult for the Speaker to disallow Oppositions resolution on the subject. It is highly likely that Speaker will not entertain any of the resolutions on the plea that they were in conflict with Article 239 (4) of the Constitution. The Opposition has instructed its members to reach the Assembly at 9 am positively to counter a possible move by the Treasury to start the session in time (at 10 am) and to prorogue it later on the pretext of lack of quorum. It will be responsibility of the Opposition to keep the House quorum as the session has been convened on its requisition. However, the Speaker is most likely to prorogue the session today as was done in case of previous four sessions requisitioned by the Opposition. Meanwhile, Deputy Leader of the Opposition in Punjab Assembly, Shaukat Mahmood Basra has said that Opposition will plead the case of people of south Punjab in Thursdays session. In a Press statement, he said that sense of deprivation of people in Saraiki belt had risen to manifold due to stubbornness of the Sharif brothers. He threatened that there would be what he called 'Dama Dum Mast Qalander if the PML-N tried to suppress the voice of peoples representatives belonging to the Southern belt. He said his party will show its full strength to raise voice for the rights of deprived sections of the society. The joint Parliamentary party meeting of the Opposition will meet at 9 am today in Opposition Leaders chamber to devise strategy for the Assembly session.