MANDI BAHAUDDIN - All Pakistan Muslim League’s district office-bearers stressed the need for collective efforts to get rid of the present rulers who have destroyed all the national institutions like the Pakistan Railways, PIA, Steel Mills, and Wapda.

APML district President Muhammad Aslam Raika, Secretary General Muhammad Iqbal and City President Mirza Abdul Gani said the ruling alliance had made democracy their servant and were using it as a slogan to hoodwink the people.

They further said the judiciary had been steadfast and worked sincerely to exercise check and balance to restrict institutions to their constitutional limits. On the other side, the rulers are following a policy of defying verdicts of the judiciary, they said.

“Sugar mafia is the first to violate court verdict that was passed to bring down sugar prices. Now ruling alliance at centre was pressuring the apex court to get decisions of their choice. In opinion of public, the apex court is the only institution working in the public interest,” he said.

They added that the government had failed to address problems being faced by the people. The rulers are working to promote and defend their own interests. The rulers first launched anti-military campaign. Now they are criticising the judiciary. That is the reason, the public stand behind the judiciary, they said.

“Under the incumbent government, people have tasted the bitterness of democracy and now the people are recalling the era of Gen (r) Musharraf when all the institutions were running to their full capacity and the government officials had a fear of accountability,” the APML leaders claimed.  They said the rulers whether at centre or provincial level all are abusing their power to make hey while the Sun shines. Corruption is the order of the day and the government officials are fearlessly extorting money by misusing their power, they added.