A FAMILY bash at their French home could mean wedding bells for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Speculation is rife over the event, with guests already at the chateau including Brad’s mum Jane and dad Bill. Also at the house is top jeweller Robert Procop, who designed Angelina’s engagement ring. The party is supposedly to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Brad’s parents, however a source told The Sun that locals think otherwise. ‘Brad flew in to oversee preparations but they’re all here now. They say it’s for Jane and Bill, but some think this could be it. Even Angelina’s private jeweller is here,’ they added. The couple announced their engagement in April and revealed that they had always planned to have a small ceremony at their home in the south of France, Chateau Miraval. The event is likely to be fairly intimate with Brangelina inviting no more than 20 people. This would include actor George Clooney, who starred with Brad in the Ocean’s Eleven films, although he has yet to arrive. The source said: ‘George and Brad are best pals, there’s no way he’d miss it. He’s at his house in Italy, but he could fly to Marseille in an hour. There’s a real buzz around the estate.’                                    –Metro