RAWALPINDI - Criminal activities are on the rise within the precincts of Saddar Bairooni and Westridge police stations.

The gangs of car lifters, robbers and dacoits roam freely in all the areas, deprive people from their valuables to the tune of million of rupees and after manage to flee easily leaving an impression that police do not exist anywhere.

Moreover, the sale of narcotics and gambling has also been going unchecked, seeking strong attention of City Police Officer (CPO) Azhar Hameed Khokher.

Though the citizens after plundering at the hands of muggers lodge complaints with the area police yet the Station House Officers (SHO) of the said police stations do not entertain the written complaints, shelve them for indefinite period, humiliate the complainants apparently to show low crime rate to their bosses like SPs, City Police Officer (CPO) and Regional Police Officer (RPO).