LAHORE – PML-N MPA Shamsa Gohar has formed a separate group within the party over the Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa issue.

Talking to this scribe, Shamsa Gohar, who was elected on the seat reserved for women in the Punjab Assembly, confirmed that she and other MPAs of the PML-N had formed a group to show their resentment over the treatment meted out to Zulfiqar Khosa after his 30 years services to the party.

While identifying herself with Khosas for all her standing and training in politics, she said, in fact, whatever she was today it was due to Zulfiqar Khosa.

Shamsa claimed that she had about 25 to 30 male and female MPAs in her group whose names would be disclosed at an appropriate time. She said others were also in touch with them as they all were apprehensive of the political future in the party when a person like Sardar Zulfiqar had not been given due regard in the party.

She said they were still with the party and had no intention to quit but wanted party chief Nawaz Sharif intervene in the Khosa issue and showing grace, himself visit to Khosa who was senior party leader and had been loyal to the party through thick and thin.

“If Zulfiqar Khosa is reconciled with the party they will also feel satisfied and their grievances will be over”, she held.

Shamsa denied acting on the instance of any rival party or that she and her claimed group was in touch with others outside the party. She further said they stood on principles and wanted to save the party which was exposed to deterioration and weakness if senior leaders like Zulfiqar Khosa continued to be slighted and treated like that.

Zulfiqar Khosa had quit the office of senior adviser to chief minister after developing some differences with Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. He wanted Nawaz Sharif to come to him and listen to his grievances. Nawaz Sharif had made up mind to agree Sardar Zulfiqar but in the middle way, tirade of young Dost Khosa against the chief minister turned around the situation and the PML-N chief went to Saudi Arabia for performing Umra without meeting Sardar Zulfiqar.

Efforts are continuing to mince the matter as the both sides appear to strike a patch up as they are not in a position to let the matter reach the point of no-return.

PML-N senior leader Senator Pervez Rashid when contacted expressed ignorance about the formation of a group by Shamsa Gohar, and said, the person who formed that group could better answer why he did it. As to Khosas episode, he said, it was more in the media than actually on the ground.