SAMBRIAL - The preparations for Eidul Fitr have gained momentum here as a rush of families especially women and children is being observed at all the main markets and business points.

The business activities have started touching their peak as special stalls of henna, ornaments, bangles, ready-made garments and other stuff have been set up at all the main bazaars and markets. The rush of women was being witnessed at the bangles stalls where they are found buying matching stuff for their dresses.

As the tailors have stopped booking clothes for Eid, a rush at the ready-made garments’ shops has become the main feature. Men, women and children can easily be found purchasing ready-made garments at different markets and bazaars of these cities.

According to a survey, there are over 100 main bazaars in the district but there are a few points wherefrom special stuff could be had easily. Such markets include Lahai, Budhi, Bano, Sambrial, Subadar, Daska, Pasroor bazaars and main bazaar Daska.

On the other side, the latest technologies have replaced the traditional things like Eid cards as the people prefer to wish Eid through internet or SMS but despite this some stalls of Eid cards were also found at some markets. People especially children were purchasing Eid cards from these stalls.

New clothes, shoes, bangles, ornaments, purses, violets, and Henna are always considered main stuff for Eid shopping. If the shopping trend continues, it will definitely provide a chance to the shopkeepers to have good business before Eid.

Simultaneously, special security measures were also seen at all the business and shopping points as the station house officers concerned have been asked to ensure deployment of police at all these places.