ISLAMABAD -Prompt action by Islamabad police rescued a minor girl and arrested a gang of kidnappers, that has long been operating in the federal capital police.

Chief city police officer of federal capital police told media on Friday during a press conference that Islamabad Police busted a gang of kidnappers, allegedly involved in kidnapping a four-year old girl from Shehzad town and also recovered girl safely from `Sher Garh’ area.

Addressing a press conference here on Friday, Inspector General of Police Islamabad Bani Amin Khan said tat four-year old girl Hamail was kidnapped from the area of Shehzad town police station on August 5 and four police teams were constituted to trace the girl soon after the incident was reported to police. He said the these four teams were working under the supervision of SP (City) Muhammad Ilyas, SP Faisal Bashir Memon, DSP Shehzad town and Inspector Raja Rahat.

Flanked by SSP Islamabad Yaseen Farooq, and AIG Sultan Azam Temuri, the IGP said he also guided the police teams and contacted the family members to share their grief. The police teams inspected the site of incident and succeeded in tracing a mobile number.

The IGP said that a phone number written on white paper was thrown by kidnappers near the house of abducted girl so that her family members could contact them. Police used all available resources and managed to get the numbers who were in contact with this specific number.

Proceeding in the same line, a person Saeed was contacted by SP (City) Muhammad Ilyas and he was interrogated to track down other suspects. Another person Alamgir resident of Chakri who used to call at this number was also contacted and asked to come at Melody Chowk from where he was taken into custody and he confessed during initial investigation that he had kidnapped the girl along with father, brother and Nadir Ali. 

The police asked Alamgir to call his brother at ‘Dhokri Chowk’ who was also arrested. In the same way, their father was also called in Islamabad and arrested.

Alamgir during interrogation told that the abducted girl was in custody of Ali. It was also revealed that Nadir was arrested in a theft case by ‘Sher Garh’ police station and Ali asked Alamgir to arrange Rs. 50,000 for release of Nadir.

Police asked Alamgir to call Ali that money has been arranged and he may collect it from him from Islamabad but Ali asked him to come at ‘Sher Garh’.

The IGP said that it was decided not to take any risk and a police team was sent to ‘Sher Garh’ under the supervision of SP (City). Ali came to meet Alamgir there and SP (City) managed to overpower him after great resistance. The local people also gathered there and Ali was shifted to the nearest police station for interrogation.

It was revealed by him that the abducted girl had been shifted at a house in the village ‘Qutab Garh’. The police raided and and recovered the minor girl.

The IGP said that police have arrested seven persons including two women involved in this kidnapping case and also announced to award cash and prizes to the members of police team for safe recovery of the abducted girl.

The IGP said that this gang was a professional gang who had been earlier challaned in kidnapping case at Taxila, adding that Islamabad police is committed to ensure protection to the lives and property of citizens and it will leave no stone unturned to accomplish this responsibility.