SAHIWAL - PTI President Javed Hashmi said on Friday that a conspiracy was being hatched against the judiciary by the PPP which is in open conflict with the Supreme Court.

Addressing an Iftar dinner arranged by PTI Youth Wing Sahiwal, the PTI leader regretted, “Earlier, we were talking about the safety of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad but now we are concerned about safety of the judiciary. The PPP is against the supremacy of judiciary and rule of the law.” Hashmi quoted Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah as saying, “Only those who abide by the law are superior.”

Hashmi further said that the 1973 Constitution was not being abided by for half a decade and the country was facing hardships for the last five years. He further said that after the formation of the constitution, the PPP started making amendments to it. He said that the 6th Amendment was enacted to clip the wings of judiciary and it was an attempt to make judges powerless.

Hashmi added that on 1991, Nawaz Sharif through 12th Amendment did the same. At that time, Hashmi said, he protested, saying that “I am a man of conscience and cannot go against the public interest and I am not a rubber stamp”. He maintained that in 1998, Nawaz Sharif committed the same act again to clip the wings of judiciary. “At that time, i said that I was a rebel,” Hashmi said and added that the PTI’s mission in the current scenario was to bring about change.

“We will fight for the supremacy of the judiciary. We will carry out accountability without giving in to any pressure and lay the foundation of a new Pakistan,” he said. He added that Sahiwal had produced great personalities in all walks of life. “It is a fertile land in all respects. It has produced great lawyers and politicians. I pay tribute to the Sahiwal bar as well as the citizens for being in the forefront of the movement for restoration of judiciary,” he observed. He further disclosed that when Bhutto was arrested, we protested in Multan and were sent to Jail.

Earlier, District Convener Dr Mazhar Sherazi presented the welcome address. ISF Punjab President Farrukh Habib and PTI Vice President Ejaz Ahmad also addressed the function and highlighted the aim and objects of the party.

A warm welcome was accorded to Javed Hashmi and his colleagues on their arrival in Sahiwal. On the occasion, Mian Anwarul Haq Ramay, Noraiz Shakoor, Rai Hassan Nawaz, Rai Azizullah, Muhammad Yar Dhakoo, Syed Shabar Sherazi and Saeed Gujar were also present.