LONDON  - This was it. The race that would decide whether Usain Bolt, the fastest man the world has ever seen, would become a legend -- according to the Jamaican sprint star himself. And the 25-year-old delivered in his own inimitable style, lighting up the London 2012 Games once again to fulfil his own prophecy. Taking the race in 19.32sec at the head of a Jamaican one-two-three, Bolt had the electrified Olympic Stadium crowd on their feet to hail the undisputed track king after making history to claim an unprecedented second successive sprint double.The 80,000 spectators were in party mood, with Mexican waves sweeping round the bowl as they waited for the night's star attraction. With stadium's crown of triangular floodlights on full beam, a huge cheer suddenly erupted, accompanied by a myriad of twinkling camera flashes, meaning only one thing -- the king had entered his castle.Pounding strings then told the stadium it was 8:55 pm -- showtime. Introduced to the crowd, Bolt waved his hand like a royal on autopilot as the decibel level went through the roof. The thudding sound of a heartbeat played over the speakers.Take your marks.Bolt put a finger to his lips and gave one last point skywards.Set.The pregnant hush hung heavy.Go!An explosion of noise and flashes.   And as Bolt and Yohan Blake pulled clear on the bend, with their fellow Jamaican Warren Weir on for a bronze, the sense spread that this was something special. And within seconds, Bolt had thundered down the home straight and rewritten history. Turning to check the clock and putting his finger to his lips again, Bolt ran over the thick white stripe and into realm of legends, slapping his chest as he went.          The playful star got down for some press-ups before hugging 22-year-old Blake, as close a friend as he is a rival. Bolt grabbed a Jamaican flag and set off on his victory lap, burying his head in the crowd as enraptured fans reached out to touch their hero. A surge of excitement followed him around the stadium, accompanied by dazzling camera flashes and chants of "Usain! Usain! Usain!". When he completed his lap, Bolt got on his knees and kissed the finish line, then drew himself up and did his trademark 'Lightning Bolt' pose, pointing at two grinning official timekeepers. Bolt crossed himself and leapt onto the podium to receive his gold medal, then threw his flowers to the crowd after the anthem before departing with one final bow.