PESHAWAR - As the month of Ramazan has entered its last leg, people have started preparing for the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitar and great hustle and bustle has been witnessed in various markets of the provincial metropolis.

All markets are full of families, kids and individuals to buy shoes, dresses, hina, bangles, cosmetics and other accessories for the forthcoming Eid. Vendors selling Eid special food items like vermicelli, khorma’s and many other cooked on Eid crowded by people to make their Eid delicious.

Yousaf Ali, a local, with his family in Sasta bazaar at the University Road, said that his children were insisting to purchase Eid goods. He complained that all the items purchased for Eid were of higher prices, and it is difficult for a middle class family to fulfil all the wishes of their children on the occasion of this happiness.

Syed Noman, another citizen found at a shop, said that the prices of the things has increased as the Eid is coming nearer.

“That’s why I am here to buy in advance some shoes, children dresses and other goods for me and family to beat the hiking prices.”

He said that his family had asked him to buy some hina, bangles, baby dresses and copper-made jewelry because it would also hike its prices in the late ramzan days.

Jamil, another citizen, who was busy doing shopping at a ready-made garments shop, said, “I could not find a tailor to get booking for sewing my Eid clothes, as I started search for it, from the start of this month of Ramazan. Now I am here to choose a ready-made suit for the Eid”.

Tailors in the markets also worried about the delivery of their booking in time due to frequent power outage in the city. A tailor Umer Khan said that the people are not considering the huge loadshedding but get angry when they do not get their clothes ready in time or before Edit, he added.

A shopkeeper in Sasta Bazaar told TheNation that the shopping for Eid has started very early (15th of Ramazan), now after the end of the second decade it increased. He said that the number of customers just varies with the weather, when it is hot, we receive less customers but when it is pleasant, our shop is crowded with customers.

Another shopkeeper in the town area of Peshawar said that the people turn to buy ready-made dresses instead of repeatedly visiting tailors for a single suit in this hot weather. Multiple and colourful designs of these dresses attract the people, he added. He further said that we remained busy till 2’O clock at night with customers. This Eid the people are more enthusiastic about the Eid, he pointed out.  The children and the youth (boys and girls) are more sensitive about their Eid shopping specially dresses, shoes and cosmetics etc, the elderly people in the bazaar pointed out. They said the Eid of the older people is very pleasant to see their household happy on the occasion.