Nowadays, much discussion and debates are taking place in the media on the issues of judicial restraint, judicial activism and finding the middle way. While a few legal scholars, intellectuals and politicians keep advising the apex court to exercise restraint, what I find more strange is that even judges of the highest judiciary have started talking about ‘the middle way’ and ‘bridging the gap’. Whatever little I know about the constitution, there is either wrong or right and justice or injustice. Wouldn’t the judiciary show double standards by exercising restraint and seeking middle ground when it comes to the all-powerful in the country?

What is the fault of all those hundreds of small-time criminals who have been rotting in jails for years? Is it justified to find the middle way for those involved in the Swiss bank accounts case, the rental power scam, the Hajj scam and numerous others cases since they have made it to parliament? Would the same middle way and relaxation of time be offered to petty criminals of the country who have not been able to reach parliament? Let justice be done because only this can strengthen democracy in the country.

Mushtaq Malik,

Islamabad, August 9.