ISLAMABAD  - The US Embassy has issued a security alert for its citizens living in Pakistan.

The alert cautions US citizens to refrain from visiting public areas on August 14 and during Eidul Fitr. The security message highlights the continued potential danger to US citizens posed by the presence of Al-Qaeda, Taliban and other militant groups in Pakistan.

According to threat reports, these groups continue to seek opportunities to attack US mission personnel, citizens and other westerners at locations where they are known to congregate.

The emergency message stated that terrorists may take advantage of the upcoming events to attack “US mission personnel, US citizens and other westerners especially at locations where they are known to congregate.”

Indicating these fears, the embassy has asked the US citizens to “maintain good situational awareness, avoid crowds and public places, and keep a low profile during this time.”

The United States Embassy asked its personnel to avoid markets and any unnecessary travel during Independence Day and Eidul Fitr.

It also encouraged Americans to register with the Smart Traveller Enrollment Programme, which will keep them up to date with important safety and security announcements.