ISLAMABAD- Government has decided to give reply on white paper issued by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on the former’s performance on economic front.

The ruling PML-N has called back finance Secretary Dr Waqar Masood from Dubai to frame the reply in respect of PTI white paper . Finance secretary is heading Pakistani delegation during talks with IMF under 4th review of 6.7 billion dollars support fund program.

The successful review and approval of IMF will pave the way for disbursement of next tranche of 550 dollars loan program to Pakistan. Finance ministry has said in its initial comments that facts have been distorted in white paper on economy issued by PTI . It is aimed at misleading the people. The allegations leveled in the white paper are false and a pack of lies.

Imran Khan while accusing PML-N led government of ruining the national economy has said the inflation rate has reached record high level as compared to five years rule of PPP. Foreign investment has declined by 13 percent and electricity tariff has escalated by 80 percent.