PESHAWAR - The workers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have started early bookings of vehicles in the city to reach Islamabad and participate in Azadi March before due time.
The transporters are being offered double fare to get more vehicles. Talking to The Nation PTI Provincial General Secretary Ayesha Gulalai said that around 30,000 people from each district are expected to participate in this long march while each union council office-bearers have been directed to ensure early booking of vehicles.
The PTI workers also staged motorcycle rallies in various parts of the city to mobilise the youngsters for Azadi March . The workers of PTI were of the view that they would not return from Islamabad until fulfilling of their demands.
They said that party workers will also bring beds, food and medicines with them in case of longer stay in the capital. Each union council has been directed to arrange at least 40 vehicles. On the other hand, the transporters belonging to PK-10 have refused to rent their vehicle for the upcoming Azadi march , saying that PTI has failed to resolve the problems of the transport community in the city. Talking to journalists, President Transport Association Mujahid Khan said that the drivers belonging to PK-10 have refused to rent their vehicles for the upcoming march .