ISLAMABAD - As authorities in Islamabad have littered the city roads with huge containers to obstruct protesters from entering the city, besides making fuel shortage at petrol pumps, office-bearers of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) in Peshawar have finalised a strategy to reach the federal capital at all costs.
The PTI has constituted a special committee - Insaf Coordination Council - tasked with arranging cranes, lifters and oil tankers that will accompany the marchers for removing hurdles in the way of long march.
The Nation learnt on Sunday that the cranes and lifters have been parked at GT Road Peshawar near Nowshera while the oil tankers have been booked that will fuel the vehicles used by PTI supporters.
The newly constituted council of PTI has also been tasked with making coordination with the entire wings of the party to what a PTI leader said was an attempt to ensure maximum participation of protesters at Islamabad against all odds.
Dr Zahid Khattak, 35, who is chairman Insaf Community Foundation (ICF), previously known as Insaf Change Forum, revealed to The Nation that more than 12 lifters and cranes have been arranged in advance for clearing the entry to Islamabad. Khattak, who belongs to Karak district, rushed to Peshawar on the day when supply of fuel at petrol stations was reportedly stopped by the government as a measure to deter PTI 's rally from approaching Islamabad.
"You will see that shortage of petrol would be no obstacle to our march. We have arranged plenty of oil tankers for fuelling our vehicles," Khattak told The Nation on phone from Peshawar.
As the government relies heavily on placing containers at access roads to Islamabad and making artificial fuel shortage at petrol pumps for stopping PTI 's long march to the federal capital, supporters of the tsunami-trumpeting party have equally discovered ways to counter all obstacles in their way.
A PTI office-bearer said that several ministers in KP had conducted meetings with the organisers of the rally for reviewing arrangements ahead of the long march scheduled to be held on Thursday in Islamabad.
Waving national flag in his hand and riding on a bike in Islamabad, 27-year-old Waheedullah Mehsud is another PTI supporter who shared the security measures taken by Islamabad capital territory (ICT) administration with a team based in Peshawar.
Mehsud hid his identity as PTI supporter from police in Islamabad and crossed all check posts in the federal capital by waving a national flag instead of his party flag, a tactic he used to trick police for avoiding being arrested as political worker.
"I am in touch with friends in Peshawar by informing them about the preventive measures undertaken by police in Islamabad ahead for our long march. I exactly know which petrol station in Islamabad is without fuel and the number of containers placed on roads," Mehsud, a diehard PTI supporter and native of South Waziristan, told this reporter on Sunday. He came to Islamabad a week ago along with hundreds of other PTI supporters in order to greet the rallies in advance that would converge on the federal capital on Thursday.
The Nation has reliably learnt that all rooms in KP House Islamabad have been occupied by PTI supporters ahead of Azadi March. "We are in a very awkward situation here as only a few rooms are vacant for VVIPs," one official at KP House confided to this scribe.